We believe

Every company and its customers deserve great security. At Doppler, we strive to build tools that not only increase security but also empower teams to be more productive.

Loveable Tools

Security tools are often process heavy and come with a horrible experience which leads to low usage. At Doppler we strongly believe in building tools that developers will love. The more you love it, the more you will want to use it.

Unsexy Spaces

If you asked software engineers which developer tool they would build next, you likely wouldn't hear them say a secrets manager. On the other hand, we love operating in old unsexy spaces that are ripe for disruption.

High Impact

We sit in the middle of code and infrastructure. Our customer's trust us with their secrets and uptime. That trust is taken seriously and we understand that a wrong move on our part can deeply affect their business.

“It's amazing to finally work on a problem I actually give a sh*t about. I've seen my family struggle with security, my friends, past employers, the public at large. Anything I can do to help make security more accessible for people is worth working on, and that's why I'm at Doppler.”

Thomas Piccirello
Founding Engineer

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Thomas Piccirello - Founding Engineer

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