RadarKeeps secrets out of your codebase.

Radar scans your codebase on every commit. When a secret is found, it will leave a comment and block the pull request.

One-Click Setup

Setting up Radar is lighting fast! Connect Radar to your GitHub account and we will handle the rest.

After setup Radar will do a full scan of all your repositories on the master branch. From then on your code will be scanned when a commit is pushed to GitHub.

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Hidden Secrets

As codebases evolve there are often legacy code blocks and patterns left laying around. Some of those patterns may lead to security risks like leaving secrets in your codebase.

Radar is your insurance policy for Enclave. If you have unexpected secrets laying around in your codebase, Radar will find them for you.

Find your hidden secrets with Radar

GitHub Sync

Radar connects directly with Github so your engineers never have to leave their favorite tool.
On each commit, Radar will leave a comment when a secret is found.

On creation of a pull request, Radar will be added as a status check. If secrets are found, Radar will block the pull request from merging.

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Just about everything in Radar can be configured through adding a radar.yaml file to your root directory.

From excluding folders, file patterns, and extensions to setting which types of secrets (API key, database urls, certs) should be looked for.

Learn more about configuration

Always Improving

Radar is constantly getting better. The more code is scanned, the better the accuracy will become over time.

You can help improve Radar too by using a built-in suite of false positive reporting tools. Our team looks at each individual reporting and combines those insights with other data sets to refine the Radar engine.

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“Doppler is Snackpass’ trusted store of secrets. Setting up Enclave as our secrets manager across all our dev machines, CI and production environments was a breeze. With Radar, we ensure that our secrets aren’t compromised in code.”
Udit Jain, CTO @ Snackpass
“As a Fintech company, security and reliability are paramount. Doppler has been critical in maintaining the integrity of our secrets while being extremely easy to use. It’s easily the best secrets management tool I’ve ever used and integrating it into our CI/CD pipeline was a breeze.”
Kenan Pulak, CTO @ Point
"Doppler has enabled our team to achieve more while worrying less. Onboarding engineers and projects is now a breeze and we feel safe with Doppler's attention to detail and high standards for security."
Gavin Mai, CTO @ Carbon
“As a small team with limited resources, we have a million things on our plate, and never enough time. Doppler has made it extremely simple to manage our secrets and onboard new employees. That's one less thing to worry about!”
Courtland Allen, CEO @ Indie Hackers

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